“Do I Sound Gay?” review

81l4EGjg4UL. SL1500  Do I Sound Gay?

What a makes a voice “gay?” This witty, entertaining look at a controversial topic features candid interviews with Dan Savage, David Sedaris, George Takei, and Margaret Cho.


Some very smart people saying some very smart things about something that most straight people (and maybe gay people too?) wonder about why some people have an accent that’s immediately recognizable as “gay”.

Well done and I would highly suggest it if you’ve ever had accent and identity questions.

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    Spoiler for “All the Way” on Netflix, featuring Bryan Cranston as Lyndon Baines Johnson. One of the best little notes towards the end is when, right before the election, one of LBJ’s closest aides gets busted for homosexual relations in a DC public bathroom, and of all people, he calls in J. Edgar Hoover (Stephen Root), the infamous cross-dresser, to explain to him why he couldn’t figure out after a decade or so that the aide was gay all along. Hoover uncomfortably offers up a few of the stereotypes — mincing, lisping — and it’s not spelled out explicitly, but… Read more »