Office Space review

51S7MWB56VL Office Space

When layoffs affect his two best friends at work, mad-as-hell Peter Gibbons conspires to plant a computer virus in the company’s system that will embezzle corporate funds into a secret account.


A week or so ago I made an obvious joke that was from this movie to my wife, who didn’t know the joke, and then responded with “Oh, I’ve never seen that” when I explained it was from Office Space. After watching it, I asked her what she thought of one of the best comedies of our generation and she replied “meh”.

She actually said that. “meh.”

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    My wife gave it the same review, but it was already too late as we were already married. To her credit, she does like 1985’s “Better Off Dead”.

    I’ve had a red swingline stapler since the early 2000’s and have taken it from job to job. It’s amazing how many people recognize it.


    Get a ‘conscious uncoupling.’