Baby Crib on Bass Tracker Boat

Baby Crib on Bass Tracker Boat.jpg

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    Let me ask this: What’s the risk here? Both minors are life jacketed from what I can tell. I don’t see open booze. Did Dad run out of gas maybe? Calm waters. Yep. We can paddle back to shore. Having that shit on board is a regulatory requirement almost everywhere. Back sufficiently from dam spillway? Check. Sharks, stingrays, box jellyfish? Nope. Barriers to prevent the infant child from getting loose? Check. Leopard skin pants on Mom with butt crack exposed at Wal-Mart? Nope. Kinder Surprises clearly smuggled in from The Great White North next to a key of coke from… Read more »


    C of G looks iffy maybe and the boat seems well-laden … but an additional or more mock-worthy element – to be registered but not commented on – might be the depiction of a legacy-type, possibly whitebread family unit doing non-metro things?


    With all due respect for those that have suffered in Flint. Those people affected have suffered inordinately & I’m just vibrating along with others all over this continent over that.


    Walkerton. Hardly comparable in human terms except in it’s sadness.


    The redneck is strong with this one.


    The dumbass is strong with this one.