classy t-shirts

classy t-shirts.jpg

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    Judging by the price tag on the item in the foreground I’m guessing they are at some sort of store. Also, the desk they are standing at appears to be customer service as it is too large to be a regular check out station. People who give zero fucks do not visit the customer service desk. Thing you bought is broken or defective? Give zero fucks and throw it away. Price is lower at a competitor? Give zero fucks and buy it anyway. Item you purchased is too large for your vehicle and you are considering having it delivered? Give… Read more »


    Good of him to signal that he won’t be lining up behind ankle-biting, yapping mini-dog, consensus wienies. A bit redundant though as his appearance alone would likely suffice to mute any courageous-only-with-an-anonymous-keyboard zampolits of PC there present.
    More importantly and wrt her T – what if it could?! Would that be a threesome?


    Ah shit … clicked twice. Tiki delete?

    tiki god



    #StayClassy ‘Merica


    I approve of the Abaddon font usage.

    tiki god

    I don’t know what that means, but it sounds muslim


    Come child, I will teach you:

    Now look at the t-shirt on the left.


    But does your customer service rep give any fucks?

    Pretty sure you’d give many fucks if he gave none….