shot by toddlers

shot by toddlers.jpg

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    They eventually grow up into regular people. And this is basically comparing grown adults that can’t get their way and must force it onto people to toddlers. Can a toddler drive a car? Can a toddler own a house? Can a toddler to anything an adult can?

    Stupid post…

    Old Tofu

    haha . . . your dumb.


    Great post. This shows how most antagonism towards any group/minority is usually not driven my any form of rational argument but instead just a vent for propaganda and self-loathing fueled hatestuffs. Any one of those toddlers is a potential Hitler/Ghandi/doctor/hobo/whathaveyou – his genes and the life he lives will play a mayer role in what will become of him. Obviousliy the USA has gun-related problems that most countries just don’t have – so if safety/security really were the main political concern shouldn’t the effort to stop said toddlernators be at least about equal to that of keeping those brown people… Read more »