proposed new standard year

proposed new standard year.png

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    This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    Looks good except for the “starting on Sunday” part.

    I prefer my weeks to start on Monday.

    Old Tofu

    look at your calendar NOW , it has always started on sunday. it doesn’t mean that your workday starts then, the weekend would still be the same. but because of people that can’t keep up this will never change. been the same since the romans.


    Any ideas on what to call the 13th month?

    Old Tofu

    numbers for all , give us a chance to standardize worldwide , say 13/25/2016 that would be 13th month ,25th day ,year 2016

    tiki god

    ffs, no, it would be YYYY-MM-DD

    I don’t understand why it ever became acceptable to do MM-DD-YYYY, that’s not sortable at all!

    Old Tofu

    because that it IS the way the whole rest of the world does it now, america is the only one that screws it up. Dec. 25,2016 . . . yeah ,real hard.




    None of my watches would be capable of keeping the correct date ever again.

    Old Tofu

    therefore boosting the economy when people start buying new ones . . . win,win


    Can we take a moment to appreciate that every month contains a Friday the 13th?

    Old Tofu

    sshshhhh , that’s a bonus 🙂

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