Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice review

91EPTOLKUL. SL1500 Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice


Two orphans fight it out over the right to…um, no, Two super heroes fight it out over…uh…

Ok, let’s try looking at it from the villian’s side?

Lex Luthor pits the Superman and the Batman against each other because…he hates people?

Honestly, the best way to sum this movie up: “Everyone in this film is an asshole to everyone they meet for no reason”  Seriously, two seconds of research and “The Batman” would have realized who was doing what and what he should do from there.   These characters are named after my childhood heroes, but nothing they did on screen even remotely resembled the characters that I fell in love with in my youth.  There’s problems with the editing, problems with the soundtrack, problems when Superman is more GRIM-DARK-EMO than Batman, problems when Lex Luthor is crazier than The Joker ever was….

I just hope that Snyder learns a lesson here and goes back to the source material and treats it with more respect for the upcoming Justice League film.  I have that hope, but I don’t have that expectation.  I expect that next film is going to be the same ‘style over substance’ that his last two Superman films have been.

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    Dammit. I know I’m going to hate it but I’ll see it anyway. When I saw they turned Lex into a snivelly app developer I knew it would suck. Creating the next snapchat makes you rich, but not a genius.


    This guy gets it


    OMG I didn’t think it was possible but that makes it even worse.


    I enjoyed the film…Just saying’ it could have been worse.


    That was gorgeous

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