Carter did what Trumps Wants to do

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    See how much more liberty, freedom of speech you have now ?

    Karl Lewis

    *IRANIANS* It’s called Tit-for-tat; it’s a valid diplomatic practice. They took over our Embassy, we kicked their nationals out. It had nothing to do with their religion. We did not ban all muslims, or even any muslims in particular, only Iranian nationals. We didn’t use to allow Russians in freely either, during the Cold War, nor did we allow German nationals in during World War II. That wasn’t racism, that was politics, that was war. (And Iran’s behavior towards our Embassy was an act of War.) (Intering the Japanese-Americans in WWII *was* racist. And some spoke against, and we all… Read more »


    [quote]…nor did we allow German nationals in during World War II.[/quote]
    Make up for that after the war, with the “Gotta catch them all” attitude toward (rocket) scientists…

    Big Fuzzy One

    Or else the Soviets would have gotten ALL of them.


    No idea what the truth is in the lead post or the extent to which it was enacted but: “..and Shiite muslims”. Shiites are dominant in several countries- not just iran. Shia IS a religious grouping.i.e. (some) “muslims in particular”.
    Over a thousand years of conquest, genocide and terror by islam.. but we’re not quite yet ready for any tit-for-tat diplomatic practise? Where’s that threshold?

    Old Tofu

    and no one shouted “racism” because iranian isn’t a race , neither is “muslim”,

    Dyon 86

    Damn right, put Thrumpy on the Throne and lets have us a HOLY WAR, it’s about time we had another CRUSADE.


    Yeah, Carter didn’t do that, though he did invalidate Iranians Visas at the time because of the actions of the new government of Iran in attacking our embassy and taking our citizens hostage.


    Whoever posted this is just as dumb as the creator of it since neither Iranian nor Muslim is a race.