Spoilers for V The TV Series

Spoilers for V The TV Series.jpg


did they get to wrap up the story on the reboot?  I gave up on it after seeing some of it’s craptacular CGI.

Colony on the other hand seems to be getting it right.

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    Well if you’re looking for spectacular CGI, you’re looking in the wrong place, and year(s). And, depending why it was crap for you, maybe you should switch to anime, or documents ?

    tiki god

    There was plenty of CGI in those years, it was only 7 years ago : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_%282009_TV_series%29 2009 was the FINAL year of BSG, and it was killing it for most of it’s entire run


    Wrong wrong place, _and_ year(s).
    What place you may ask ? Well niche TV show place that is, which can clearly be seen in comparison to “hyped everywhere” BSG reboot.
    As for “killing it”, beside FX, and couple of episodes, it really was…