going with the jew

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    Shocking for those who don’t know that Jesus Christ was a (“revolutionist”) Jew.

    some one wants some one crucified


    Who the fuck give a shit about what the pope think?
    Last time I check, he runs a complete monarchy. Where if he dies, couple old men will get in a room and decide which one of his bastard child that haven’t got bust for child molestation will rule this city state.


    Monarchy is for monarchs and Papacy is for popes you illiterate bastard.


    The current pope is a socialist first and a distant second Catholic so it makes perfect sense that he would back the socialist especially considering there isn’t a real Christian running, just a bunch of phonies saying whatever they think the rubes want to hear. Sanders may be an economic illiterate but at least he’s honest in pushing the crap that he believes.



    The current Pope is the authority on Catholicism, and is a Catholic first and the first Catholic. The bible is rife with socialist ideals.

    I find this pope refreshing. He’s reminding Christians that being Christian means to helping those in need and have open arms to all regardless of orientation. All the good stuff, none of the bullshit that gives people reason to call religion bad. And he’s doing it all not by introducing new wave ideas to the church but reminding everyone of the original principles.