Imagining 2016’s Yeezy-Loving American Psycho


Last week, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis revisited his character Patrick Bateman, telling Town & Country that present-day Bateman would be “wearing a Yeezy hoodie and teasing girls on Tinder.” With that in mind, here’s how a chapter out of 2016’s version of American Psycho might read.

You should read this. I think it’s spot on, what’s your thoughts? I never read the original novel though, so maybe I’m off point.

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    Nice job of bringing the character to the present; still needs business cards.


    Well I have read the book and that satire is a terrific approximation of its style. Also loved BEE’s observation that NOW has become even more narcissistic and psychotic than the 1980’s. Somehow I can’t imagine Bateman being satisfied with just trolling people online. He needs to kill. Committing atrociously violent acts is what gives him satisfaction (if indeed he committed them at all because we’re not sure if one of them even happened) He certainly wouldn’t be able to act with impunity anymore, not with surveillance tech, so my guess is that he’d have to transfer his murderous instincts… Read more »

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