asians are nearly invisible in hollywood

asians are nearly invisible in hollywood.jpg

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    Latinos are more under represented.


    Few Asians get casted outside of SciFi, and never in a lead role.

    Even when hollywood makes a Samurai flick, they cast honkys…. because Asians are somehow inconceivable in a love interest role. It’s impossibru.

    So you get Samurai Keanu and Kung-fu Stiffler instead of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s The Lover.

    Kik Dogg

    It’s FRIED RICE, you plick!


    US population by race:
    White: 72%
    Black: 12.5%
    Asian: 5%

    So…not quite there…


    Wow. By these numbers, whites are 6.2% over-represented, blacks are 1.8% over-represented and asians are 3.7% under-represented.

    Looks relatively fair to me.


    In Chinese movies and TV, while people either praise and drool over Chinese guys, or else are stupid drunk thugs. Either that or they are just extremely stupid. Black people are always thugs and/or criminals, and South Asians are criminals, scam artists and/or thugs.