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    I’m glad my marriage is nothing like that. Fuck that. Why marry a women like that? I don’t care how good the sex is, if you’re apologizing for shit you didn’t do, it’s not worth it.


    Agreed but it can be like that – if the wife is pushy/abusive or if the husband is particularly weak.


    Yep. This is a massive generalization. If I’ve done or said anything out of line in my relationship, I always apologize. Maybe I’m strange in that respect (I know I am in other ways!) but I believe in sorting things out. I hate bad atmospheres stinking up the place. There’s no need for it. I think what this poster is trying to elucidate is the notion that women demand an apology for something trivial that the man doesn’t consider it necessary to apologize for. I hate all this ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ shit. We’re all fallible… Read more »


    I dunno Red.
    I took me the first 7 years of my marriage to realize that for a couple of precious days a month being reasonable wasn’t enough to avoid a blow up.
    But once I knew the course, navigation is easy.

    Until my 3 daughters (who take after their mother) hit puberty…

    But all in all, the plusses far outweight the minuses.


    I’m glad you worked out your ‘relationship map’ gropey and can now navigate the stormy seas of marriage (and parenthood!). Many people don’t sadly. You’ve always struck me as a decent sort.


    Don’t get me wrong. If I actually do something where I’m in the wrong I will apologize. I read the image as coming from a place where the man has to apologize and didn’t actually do anything wrong. That’s what I call bullshit on. I find that if you say “thank you” when the other person does something for you instead of saying “sorry” you didn’t do it yourself things work out better. “thank you for getting the trash ready and taking it out since I was at work late” is usually returned with a “you’re welcome” or a “no… Read more »


    I’m in complete agreement. We should all be kinder to each other and emphasize our common humanity rather than create sex divisions. I really believe men and women aren’t that different. I think most ‘difference’ is caused by social reinforcement of gender stereotypes rather than any major disparity in brain structure.

    This is really good read btw.



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