choose the right team

choose the right team.jpg

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    i choose team green
    i like hairworks

    Dyon 86

    WOW Team PC looks amazing, it’s just a shame there’s been a system error and the dude can’t get the bloody suit to move, Team Console doesn’t actually look that bad these days and can at least do what it’s supposed to every time!

    tiki god

    have you tried the latest console generation?

    it’s just a glorified computer with limited functionality and features 🙁

    Dyon 86

    Yes PS4, that’s my point, it’s almost as good as a PC without the errors etc. That picture might have been correct with the PS1, 2 and maybe even 3 but not anymore.

    tiki god

    it’s not even “almost as good”, it’s better than some PCs out there. most definitely better than my laptop at gaming!

    that being said though, if you want to be cutting edge, consoles can’t even get close. none of the current gen offer 4k gaming yet


    you have a shit pc from a shit company
    build your pc