Spectre review

815AfOGbCLL. SX522  Spectre
Source: Amazon.com
Director: Sam Mendes

I’m not a big fan of the Daniel Craig reboot of the series, I’ve always been of the opinion that Bond is just a name that’s handed down from agent to agent. With this new series, they made James Bond a living person that was born as James Bond and will die as James Bond. I understand that they had to make a hard shift in tone in the movies after the Austin Powers series made such a mockery of it and Jason Bourne made a case for tight zoom action, but I still feel there’s room for laser watches or pens that explode if you click them too many times the wrong way.

All that being said, this is actually the best of the movies that Craig has done, due in no small part by Christoph Waltz, who’s taken me by surprise over the last 5 years, starting with Inglorious Basterds. He stole every scene he was in, and because I’m not too invested in the old villians of the old Bond films, this was a fresh take on the classic character that gave the series the proper amount of cheese that any Bond film rightly deserves.

I highly recommend seeing this one, it was a good film.

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