Battle For The Planet of the Apes review

612ZPVRBQYL Battle For The Planet of the Apes

The fifth and last of the Planet of the Apes movies is the story of the ape civilization trying to live peacefully with human beings, who are atom bomb mutations.


Source: Amazon
Director: J. Lee Thompson


I started my ‘Planet of the Apes” movie series rewatch nearly a year ago now, with this last one sitting there taunting me.  Being hung over and ready to just zone out, I popped it on and watched it, and it’s about what I remember it being: a very low budget film with a heartfelt message that walks right up to the line of being too over the top, but never really crosses that line.  The budget is obvious in that they had about 3 different sets, one of which was a giant open field.  Being low budgets doesn’t necessarily mean it was a bad film though, I really did enjoy the movie, though it ended very quickly in terms of how they wrapped everything up.


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