waking up

waking up.jpg

no joke, I have like 5 alarms going off every morning:

  1. tablet with a “natural light” app
  2. room light on a timer
  3. cell phone
  4. radio
  5. buzzer
  6. cell phone with URGENT GET OUT OF BED alarm

I don’t count the last one, normally I’m in my car already on my way to work…but sometimes I’m not.

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    I don’t understand adult people, who go through all that drama in the morning. I need to get up – I get up, even after 0 sleep, because if I need to get up, there’s a reason I need to get up. If I don’t need – I don’t.
    Simple as that.


    omg you fucking loser

    Dyon 86

    I don’t usually wake up.

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