2016 in the palm of your hand

2016 in the palm of your hand.jpg

What do you hope for in the next year?

Me?  I hope you guys notice that MCS Plus is up and running and tell me what you want to see over there.

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    i have hundreds of pony pictures

    tiki god

    I want your ponies.




    SWEET! Happy New Year to all [MCS] peeps


    So, quick question – do we have to pay for MCS+, what are the benefits, etc? I know there’s probably a FAQ somewhere, but…

    i’m lazy.

    tiki god

    it’s uhh…ok, so in a perfect world Patreon would have an API I could just hook into and anyone that was a current Patron over a particular level would get MCS+, but we don’t live in that perfect world.

    There’s two MCS+ concepts.

    1 – MCS+ the user (that’s you!) any one that is a Patreon at any level right now, because much like you, I’m lazy. You’ll stay MCS+ until either Patreon gets their API working or I get around to removing people, which I’ve been meaning to do for literally years…

    2 – MCS+ the location, it’s an instant submission / forum segment of the site where you can discuss anything. it’s not 100% pretty yet, but it’s getting there. Like, I still need to add a damn form to the front of the mcs+ section so people can add shit quickly.


    thank you for answering! i’ve been following this blog for years (5+, maybe?), but i’ve recently been wanting to contribute.

    now, i’m an internet guy, but this is the first forum that i’ve felt expending the effort of adding some stuff that i think is cool, so, do you have a tutorial in place? i notice when i go to add a picture, for instance, i don’t have an instant “NSFW” tag for NSFW content. is that added in a different area?

    I just don’t want to irritate anyone, which is one of the main reasons i’m a lurker in most places, so as not to come afoul of their social mores.

    tiki god

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve updated the FAQ in a long while, but yeah, here’s some updated information on how to post on MCS: www.myconfinedspace.com/about/#faq_16

    Here's a few awesome images!