Aryan Brotherhood in Star Wars

Aryan Brotherhood in Star Wars.jpg

am I the only one that got a real hitler youth vibe from the super white guy here?

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    Been listening to Mellisa Harris-Perry much?

    tiki god

    Dunno who that is


    Uh…you hadn’t noticed all the other Nazi influences in all the other Star Wars films….?
    I kinda thought that was obvious way back in 1977.


    That plus the WWII era Imperial Japan.


    God…people can’t go to the fucking movies and just watch for entertainment? they have to pick apart everything and try to find as much racism or sexism or any other damn kind of ism?


    So, first time on the internet, huh?


    Um, I don’t think making the bad guys dress and act like Nazis is racism. Heck, Germany invented storm troopers. They just called them Sturmabteilung.