50 Caliber Handgun

50 Caliber Handgun.jpg

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    Is this insinuating that the handgun can fire all those types of loads?

    tiki god

    good point.

    Old Tofu

    not a point , actually a question, and actually it’s for comparison. the rounds in the middle are for this pistol. the two on the left are a 22lr and 25acp, while on the right is a shotgun shell.


    If it’s a HP, it probably would stop in that refrigerator.

    Old Tofu

    no, it would still go straight through , stamped sheet metal that thin doesn’t stop anything. check youtube.


    Some are made tougher – Indiana Jones survived a nuclear blast in a refrigerator.
    Check Youtube.

    Also, if that wall isn’t a “cardboard” one, it wouldn’t even go that far.


    Who gives a shit about the ammo… I just want to know how exactly you can see through your wall, on through the fence, and through the wall of your neighbours house, then through the refrigerator to see that burglar hiding there?

    Any one with this gift surely could find much better uses for his talent and time than sitting around protecting or giving a shit about the neighbours GD silverware.

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