shotgun 7 shooter

shotgun 7 shooter.jpg

I’m really hoping that this is some kind of tear gas thing?

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    Nope that is a 6 barrel improvised shotgun. Seized in Brazil from a huge criminal cartel.


    Does not look easy to use accurately. How much would that thing weigh?


    Accurately? You couldn’t miss!


    While not an expert I am a gunsmith so I’ll base my guess off the firearms I’ve handled. I’d say from what I’m looking at that sucker looks to weigh between 12 to 14 lbs. It depends on how the receiver is constructed. It could be as high as 18 lbs I would say it is as accurate as any shotgun. You don’t really aim a shot gun more than you point it at your target and let the speared shot do the job. This is likely meant to be used at a distances of about 30 to 50 feet… Read more »


    Also I’ll note this looks like a single shot rotating barrel. It looks to have one hammer which has to be pulled back to be cocked. Likely the intention of this shotgun it to fire a shot rotate the tube, likely by hand, re-cock and fire again. The fire rate wouldn’t be great by far but from the construction it looks quite crude in design. There is a bolt in front that likely has to be unscrewed to remove the barrel for reload. This is probably why they chose 6 shots because if you need more then that you will… Read more »