Discrimination is what you make it

Discrimination is what you make it.jpg

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    Oh, ONE gay dude managed to live his entire life in a place where it was possible (however unlikely) to never experience severe discrimination. That means that homophobia never happened and the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church is automatically President of the US.

    Seriously, only one state has barred using the Gay Panic Defense to excuse assault or murder. 28 states say it’s okay to fire someone for being gay. Discrimination is real, it’s serious, and just because this one fella dodged anything major, that doesn’t mean no one has ever been beaten to death for being gay.


    IT does too, dammit. Anti-gay discrimination is over. And so is racism. …at least, according to me and my token black friend. And until you get one, you can just fuck off with your valueless opinion.


    What’s his name?




    Art Vanadalay


    His handle is “Humans in New York” and his photo bug is two dancers, either modern dance or ballet. The guys either suffering Alzheimer’s or is in complete denial… he looks old enough to have gone through the 80’s – no gay man passed through that decade unscathed from the AIDS epidemic. Men were dropping like flies everywhere and no more so than in the arts – theatre, dance, fine arts, etc. Personally, I saw 11 friends cut down in the prime of their lives and no one, especially the powers in Washington, gave a shit what happened to us.… Read more »