48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don’t)

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    tiki god

    I dunno man, I’ve heard most of those myself, I heard that “you’ll have to beat the X off with a stick” thing so many times I would actually roll my eyes at the adults that said it.

    They stopped saying it when I hit puberty though 🙁


    i totafuckingly agree tiki. “how much did you have to drink last night”? “i was just trying to give you a compliment” both normal comments for anyone, not just women. jesus christ.


    “How much did you have to drink” is a common way of shifting blame onto rape victims.

    “I was just giving you a compliment” is a common way of pretending that hitting on random women isn’t creepy. You know those creepy mall kiosk salespeople who keep pushing some crappy product on you? Women have to deal with that constantly, and the product being hawked is DICK. So those “compliments” get really fucking old.


    Oh GOD…..


    48 Things Women Say to Other Women to Take them Down a Notch