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Aziz Ansari is a paradox to me: both one of the best AND worst comedians alive. I’m nearly 90% sure it’s because I abhor awkward comedy (things that are funny just because of how awkward and uncomfortable it makes everyone involved) and Aziz seems to love to wallow in it, case in point: the Randy Character. While he’s horrible at the awkward stuff, when he’s doing pure comedy he can really knock it out of the park (as in Parks and Rec, ‘natch). I wasn’t sure which Aziz I was going to get with Master of None, and after the first episode I assumed it was going to be the awkward unfunny stuff that I dislike so much. Luckily I gave another couple episode a try, as that first episode is a head fake, the rest of the series is as funny as Louie, but instead of a middle aged white guy you get a young guy with immigrant parents. If you’re even remotely entertained by Aziz, I’d suggest giving this one a try, it ended up being one of my favorite Netflix series so far this year.

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    Just three episodes in and loving it. It’s like Maron lite.


    I love the show as well !
    Feelgood show where conflicts ends with no drama.
    Nice follow up to his character in P&R

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