jack kirby

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yay or nay?  he’s one of the big pioneers of the industry, but I know people IRL that don’t care for his work.

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    As a kid I thought the Buscema brother’s artwork was better.
    Kirby’s stuff looked a little strange to me….the faces in particular.

    But a few years later I really got into him.
    I think his style is an acquired taste…but once you get what he’s doing, you recognize the brilliance.

    Even if you like his art or not, you still have to be in awe of the guy…he and Stan practically built the Marvel universe.

    tiki god

    I was on the fence with his art until I started to read the “New Gods” stuff, it was so out there and damn crazy


    these RL “people” that you know, are plebeians. you don’t get the nickname “king” because youre style is an “acquired taste”. Jack’s 102 issue FF run is one of the most revered in history. Unparalleled.


    “Plebeians”….? Over a “pop culture” genre….? Ah….the irony….it burns…. As a kid I didn’t have the perspective of the previous 2 decades of Kirby’s contribution to the genre. What I had was a first hand reaction to his strange grasp of perspective, those funny dots and greeblies, his fondness of drawing curves with straight lines. And that Kirby chiseled face grimace. I was into Marvel in the 70s and Kirby wasn’t there. And the design aesthetic of comics had for the most part changed. But reading Etrigan got me interested…and some old copies of Tales of Mystery and FF got… Read more »


    Plebeians: “common, commonplace, or vulgar.”

    Irony: “the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.”

    I think you’re confused Ms. Morissette.


    I was referring to your previous assertations on “real culture”. Now the question is whether your statements are intended to be ironic, or that you don’t realize that you appear to hold 2 opposing opinions on the topic of what makes culture. But I never intended to get into it with you Aquaman, honestly. And I agree with you that Kirby is the king. And I am still interested in your opinions on copyright and culture. And I don’t want to get into a flame war with you over the dictionary vs culturally accepted definition of terms. (because no matter… Read more »


    Amazing artist. New Gods blew my mind when I was a kid, I think it first came out he had crossed over to DC from Marvel? Newsboy legion. Fantastic Four. To this day no one has drawn Silver Surfer as well as he did.

    tiki god

    New Gods is DC though