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do you decorate for the holidays?  I’ve been an avowed atheist for many years now and have never really decorated my place, but now that I’m married my wife keeps hinting that she wants to decorate.  I’m struggling with the idea of doing decorations and putting crap out that I just don’t care about, but at the same time, happy wife = happy life.

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    Good wife you got there if she’s just hinting at it. Nesting is hardwired into their biology, so by letting her follow her instincts, you are essentially supporting hundreds of thousands of years of evolution more so than two thousand years of Christian beliefs.


    I’d add that I don’t see a conflict in beliefs. Believe what you like, these decorations only have meaning if you give it to them. As well these decorations & your tolerance, growth & understanding is cheaper than a divorce. Take your pick.


    Aye, Conan. They’re just pretty balls, lights, presents, teddy bears and socks. Tiki, you’re gtg.


    Yeah, and those Jewish, Arab\whatever, “ramblings” were just that, until they got enough support to become religions.
    Not. An. Inch.

    tiki god

    I might join a cult that worships socks and teddy bears though


    We have an inflatable Christmas tree and some fairy lights. Job done!


    Can I add that so many of the traditional decorations were lifted from other religions? Xmas tree, yule log, stockings, and the like come from pagan religions. Fuck it, it’s all about the family anyway.


    Decorations ? ?! The whole Christian religion was “lifted” from others. That’s why the “WTF ?!” moments like “one god in three persons” (leftover from dominant at that time polytheistic “pagan” religions), are so prevalent.


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