Massive tracts of land

Massive tracts of land.jpg

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    More like massive back pains.


    Sir Knight, for nobly demonstrating compassion true to chivalrous code,
    thou shalt henceforth assist this distressed damsel in carrying her bountiful burden.


    I love her (L). I get tottaly obsessed and i really wanna know who is the girl from that picture!!. If i get no mistake, i saw the picture into a porn page, and the upload picture’s data is from 5 years ago. I’ve find other pages (even a false or very wierd twitter) with the same picture. I don’t wanna give names of the clues…. but before i need someone interested to help.
    Pd: I’m not a psicopat o_o … but i can’t prove it -.-… the picture and the girl are only a stupid caprice.

    Dyon 86

    I sir have donned my fav deerstaker jst now and without even bothering to utilize my superiour googley powers to deduce sais various clues, will simply guess the answer to your questions, I deduce that that girl there is Clarice Whatshername and you sir are indeed a psicopat, and not only are you a psicopat but the most famous psicopat of all, known to all as the Psicopat Face Muchning Hannibel del Cannebeli, who is obsessed with Clarise Whatsherface, I am rite or am I npt sir, tell me I,m right or tell me I’m justa drunkn fool …. now… Read more »