What the holy fuck is going on in France?


Free to stop by the chat room and keep me company while I try to come to terms with this insanity, or leave a message below.

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    The same as always – “fun and games” thanks to retarded politics.
    Now with 250% more bang.


    I believe it’s called ‘terrorism’ and it’s foul.


    This is the tragic end to a dream that Europe can be a borderless union, but each country gets to have it’s own immigration policy and therefore leave the door open to whomever it chooses. Today the number of Muslims in Europe has reached a level where this sort of thing can no longer be avoided. The good Muslims have brought the bad Muslims with them and they will shelter their own no matter how radical they are. The situation in France today is tragic. However, this could just as easily have happened in my city / country. We are… Read more »


    I’m no Muslim scholar, but can you expand a bit on “they will shelter their own no matter how radical they are”?


    Nothing theological.

    I just meant that people stick together and support their own “kind”, for lack of a better term.

    If France or any country in the EU starts looking for “radical Muslims” they will be met by resistance from all Muslims (or nearly all). They will stand together and the decent folk will shield the radical ones whether they intend to or not. Christians, Jews, whomever… would do the same and shelter their comrades so this is not a dig at their faith.


    99% of Muslims see ISIS the same way 99% of Christians see the Westboro Baptist Church.

    This act was committed by the people the refugees were running away from.

    But go ahead and claim that every Muslim supports ISIS 100%. Freedom of speech has no truth requirement.


    You’re putting numbers to it, not me.

    But that is OK.

    I still respect your freedom of speech.


    I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Thanks for expanding a bit.

    As a white, blue-collar guy who’s lived in Western Canada his whole life & grown up with a certain set of values & beliefs, if I put myself into your theorem… I can see myself possibly protecting/sheltering a fellow white, blue-collar guy with similar values EVEN IF he’s a douchecanoe.

    Not an entirely comfortable thought, that.


    Muslims being Muslims


    im just thankful Josh Homme got out alive.