Nobody blamed the lightsaber

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    Because only responsible agents of the State should have the means to deliver violence against others. Serfs are unarmed, free men and women always have the right to defend themselves. You wouldn’t expect a sheep to roll over for a wolf and hope for the best but you do expect other humans to roll over for the predators among us.


    Because we need to make sure that EVERYONE is armed, even people for whom this is a really bad idea. TWOO PATWIOTS are always armed to the teeth.

    Seriously, you’re two steps away from outright saying that anyone who doesn’t have a gun deserves to be shot.


    Not everyone needs to be armed. But not everyone needs to be disarmed, either. I don’t want anyone to be shot, way to distort my comments; what I want is to see the weak have the ability to defend themselves from the predatory strong. You’re one step away from saying that no one should have the ability to defend themselves. That the weak should be the victim of the strong, that no woman should be able to defend herself from a man, that the old should not be able to defend themselves from the young. I do not care if… Read more »


    Now, now. Let’s not let logic get in the way of him winning the argument.

    Mark Antony

    I live in Canada, a country with strong gun control laws. By your logic, I should be a serf imprisoned in a hellish jail, a sheep at the mercy of tyrants and criminals — the only ones with free access to guns.

    Funny how that doesn’t square with reality.

    Our violent crime and homicide rates are a fraction of yours. Easy access to guns for everyone doesn’t make you safe, what it does is create a target rich environment. You guys are the ones living in a nightmare.


    The Founding Fathers of the Republic could not have foreseen the invention of the Assault LightSaber! This weapon isn’t designed for hunting, and cannot be used to put food on the table. In fact, Assault Sabers have only one purpose: the taking of sentient life! Work it out, sheeple!!!
    Also, Jar Jar Binks is an abomination.


    If you outlaw light sabers, then only out laws will have light sabers.

    Rebel scum.

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