The Stanford Prison Experiment

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    This looks fascinating and I really should watch this recreation, but there’s been some controversy surrounding whether the experiment was properly controlled.

    The Milgram Experiment seems to be a much better example and offers up a pretty bleak view of humanity. Basically, given the opportunity to commit terrible, cruel acts, we’ll grab it.

    tiki god

    as in they didn’t have a proper control group for it? Or that they let it get completely out of control and let it spiral into anarchy?

    I agree on both parts, just trying to figure out which one you’re referring to, lol


    Now that I’ve read a bit about it, it seems that one of the “guards” (who was big in community theater) thought it would be fun to push his “character” to the extreme.
    Which amped up the tension really quickly.

    Still, that the rest of the “guards” followed along so readily without much thought, isn’t very comforting….

    Makes me think of Edmund Burke.


    That’s depressing.
    Authority corrupts and as long as we’re not the ones being shit on, we seem happy to go along with it.

    Bonobos we’re not….


    Human Bonobos are called (man)slut.


    Then let the party begin…!


    BOTH I think tiki.