everything we feared about communism

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    This is stupid. Communism gives no chance of a better life. Capitalism gives everyone a chance, just most are too lazy or uneducated to peruse the better life. Pure ignorance towards opportunity…


    Capitalism is the free exchange of goods, services. For some that is not acceptable as they do not exert through the government as much control over the lives of others as they believe they should. Socialism is predicated on the idea that we are just property of the State which allows us to do certain things as long as they are perceived to support the goals of the State. Capitalism has done to raise humanity from poverty and end human suffering than all the government run social programs combined. Socialism is great for picking winners and losers until it runs out of money supplied by capitalists.


    The only thing capitalism is good at is fooling the dumb into believing it is a meritocracy. The only thing communism is good at is turning its leaders into capitalists.


    This is possibly the wisest thing ever posted on this site.
    Prepare to be heavily flamed upon.


    An economy is like a garden:

    Capitalism is sitting back and watching nature take its course. If the weeds win, it’s because they deserved it.

    Communism is tearing everything up and putting in plastic flowers.

    Socialism is actually doing your job and taking care of the things you want to grow.

    Anarcho-syndicalism is putting in something like pachysandra that will take care of itself without human effort.

    Nihilism is like a rock garden.

    Personally, I prefer socialism, and I think that most of the criticisms of it are like saying “looks like you’re not such a good gardener after all” when everything dies in the autumn.


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