JEB – Same Dick, New Bush

JEB - Same Dick, New Bush.jpg

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    OK, Australian lesbian here. I’m very liberal. In fact,I may be the libbiest lib that ever libbied a lib lib. That said, this is low caliber butthurt. Don’t get me wrong, Jeb Bush isn’t one of my favorite people, but this is just lazy and low.

    Don’t really care for Clinton either btw…


    As somebody who has lived in Florida while Jeb! has been governor, I’d say Jeb! doesn’t have much of a chance of winning Florida, let alone the Presidency. I’ve seen the education system go to absolute shit, and yes, I know, since I had kids in school at the time. Half of my kids did not graduate. They aren’t dumb. School, on the other hand, yeah, you don’t help yourself by drilling kids that have already passed the fucking FCAT exams with more FCAT drills, even in classes that have nothing to do with FCAT. Making school a shithole just… Read more »

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