Lions hate christians

Lions hate christians.jpg

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    If the author thinks that about them from back then, without any of the “fanfic content” like pope or purgatory that followed, today he probably kills them on site.

    tiki god



    What exactly is confusing you ?

    tiki god

    you’re using words but not in a legible order:

    “if the author thinks that about them from back then” is a nonesense sentence. same with “without any of the ‘fanfic content’ like pope or purgatory that followed”.

    it feels like you’re leaving out some verbs or pronouns or something else description


    Teach me.


    i agree… wat?


    That sentence is the result of a head injury brought on by skateboarding in pole-dancer shoes. Correct me if I’m wrong.


    I understood it completely.

    He’s saying that in a modern context its the Christians that are killing the lion.

    Or that Christians being exposed as “full of shit” is a result of the co-option of their religion by a greedy monolithic organization.

    Or that shit is a metaphor for sin.

    Or maybe “pics or it didn’t happen”.

    No, you guys are right.

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