American in cuffs

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    The kid was busted for showing off a digital clock he made and a dumb ass teacher thought it was a bomb. The item was in a pencil case and the cops knew it wasn’t a bomb but still put the cuffs on the kid and for awhile wouldn’t let him see his parents for a hour or so


    Kid was busted for being named Ahmed Mohamed [i]and[/i] showing off a digital clock.


    No one in that school thought it was a bomb, if they had they would have evacuated the school, separated him from the bomb and asked for a bomb squad to defuse it. Instead they called for regular police and put him and his “bomb” in the principals office.
    No, what they saw was an opportunity to act like dicks and jumped on it.


    That’s pretty much it. If they were actually thought it was a bomb. I don’t blame their action. From the picture of clock. I can see why if someone thought that was a bomb.
    But that boy told everyone it was a clock and shown classmates it was a clock AND never claim/joke/hint it was ever a bomb.
    The school and police’s action were very obvious, they just want to make an example out of this boy.

    Just bunch adults acting like bullies.