will he be there for you

will he be there for you.jpg


nah, just kidding, he doesn’t exist!

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    Jesus – Come unto me my son!
    Boy – I can’t – it’s a sin!


    Non-Masturbator: Caught and fondled by creepy bearded weirdo and accused of being homo-sexual – which is also against religious rhetoric.

    Masturbator: Given the apparent height – sprains his ankle and hobbles away.

    Who is the real winner, here?


    Masturbator would pull himself up, just with his fapping arm.


    It’s like a 12′ drop, just let go and flex your knees on impact. Wuss.


    The non-masturbator is clearly hallucinating due to a case of chronic blue balls, while the masturbator has the lucidity and clarity of mind to rationally assess his predicament and act in an appropriate manner to save himself, instead of waiting for the Obi-Wan to save him using the Force. That’s how I interpret this pic, anyway.

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