Hulk is now asian

Hulk is now asian.jpg


sorry guys, they need to bring in some ethnic heroes, and instead of creating their own, they’re going to coopt the ones we all know and love.

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    Creating new heroes is a very hit or miss thing, while having a new character take the role of an existing hero usually works well and creates dynamic new story lines. Plus, lets face it, there is no shortage of white male heroes out there.


    I’m an Asian and a Hulk fan. Well, was a Hulk fan til they decide to replace Bruce Banner with a Korean kid. No, fuck no. Take Thor, Hawkeye, or fucking Captain America. Why Hulk? Fuck your bullshit diversity.


    You do know there’s a whole bunch of Hulks running around at any given time, right? Amadeus Cho isn’t the first guy to Hulk Out other than good ole’ Bruce, ya know. I can make you a list.


    *Guy or gal, for that matter. Can’t forget all the lovely Gamma-powered ladies around.


    I’ve been a reader/collector of comics for 40 years, and part of the industry for 20. I don’t care what race a hero or villain is for Christs sake. I love Luke Cage, Black Panther, Sunfire, Blue Beetle ect. Changing a heroes race is almost always a temporary thing anyway. The Atom was an Asian American for a while, but Palmer’s back now. Iron Man was a African American for quite awhile, but Tony came back. Falcon is Captain America now, but that won’t last forever, as well as Thor being Jane Foster. I don’t understand the nerd rage, honestly. As long as the story is solid, the art is decent, and the reason is believeable, who cares? Like we say in the industry, “Relax. It’s just comics.” Pick up a book, break form your life for 20 minutes, put it down and go back to your life. I promise it will all be ok. 🙂


    People who don’t read comics: OMG Hulk is Asian now! WTF?

    Comics fans: Oh hey, Amadeus Cho has Hulk’s power now. Cool.

    Y’all motherfuckers need Cthulhu.


    What’s wrong with all these people? Rolling over cultural expression with zero fucks given? Where on earth did they learn such a thing?

    (in other words: suck it up, white boy.)

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