Fractured Era Book Series review

1 better world Fractured Era Book Series 2 legacy code Fractured Era Book Series 3 paragon Fractured Era Book Series

The last humans spent centuries searching for a new Earth. Now they face extinction.

Source: Amazon

Author: Autumn Kalquist

I recently signed up for a “free book list” thing that put the first book up there on my to-read list, “Better World“.  At the time of this post, it’s still free on amazon, and for that price point, I strongly suggest it to anyone that enjoys a good space survival story.  There’s only been a few times that I would be this adament about it, but since I got the first book for free from amazon, got the second book (“Legacy Code“) from her website for free, got a prequel novel for free and had a couple bucks in amazon credit, I think I paid about $2 for the entire series, and boy howdy am I happy I did.  The human fleet had to leave Earth because of some serious ecological reasons and have been looking for a new home planet for a number of generations, jumping from system to system, but with one small problem: none of their ships have jump drives.  They have to jump from planet to planet and mine the required metals and materials to build giant jump gates.  Add on top of that, the fleet is well past it’s expiration date and the powers-that-be are seeing traitors behind every broken bolt and ruptured console panel.  It’s such a well written series that I’m somewhat sad that the first two books are as short as they are (about 150-200 pages each) and it isn’t until the third book that the story feels like a full length novel.  I’d list that has a major drawback, but dude, they were free!  By the time I was on the third book, I was perfectly happy to pay the couple bucks to get the rest of the story!

One minor complaint I do have is that the three books are all set in the same fleet at the same relative time period, but does not follow a single protagonist through all three books.  Not a huge complaint, as the quality of the writing never once dips or waivers, just something that I found odd.

Also: a minor warning, there’s some stupidly major spoilers for the first two books in the amazon summaries.

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