Camaro causes Big Wreck

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    for a second i thought it was me


    No doubt the fault is the incredibly stupid, asshole driving on the Camaro’s part.

    But I’m not sure boxing him in for so long was the smartest thing for the pick-up to do.

    And watching that shit happening in front of me….?
    I’d be letting them get as far ahead of me as I can.

    No sense putting yourself in danger over a couple of asshole drivers…


    The pick-up driver was being a dick. Yes, it’s the Camaro driver’s fault, but the left lane is for passing, period. Doesn’t matter if you try to be Sheriff Kim Davis trying to stop the fucking gay speeders.


    I agree. The camero driver was acting the cock, but if the pick-up would have just been secure enough in his manhood, and not think that the Cam was “getting one over on him”, and let him pass, none of that would have happened.

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