pick your secret

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    I am secure enough in my masculinity to fuck ’em all- and not say a word about it.


    Can I break it down? Sleep with 2 and talk with 2?


    Talk with them:
    – you learn stuff,
    – you could then seduce them, either with your charm, or knowledge\secrets you’ve learned.

    Also, what’s so “super” about Victoria’s Secret models ? Are they pure blood nobility\Aryans\whatever, with 5 PhD’s, that can make a mean soufflé ?


    Clearly the creator of this assumed sex with supermodels = great sex. Who knows? Maybe these women have never had to get great at sex because people will flock to them anyways. Myself, I’d rather have sex with my wife, and learn as many secrets from these models on how I she could look as good as them. I guess using the creator’s conceit, I’d choose the night of talking with them. One night of sex vs. lasting benefit.


    clearly this guy is gay ^


    If it’s a secret, how can the whole world be thinking about whether you slept with them or not?


    I dunno…
    I really have no interest in conversation with them.
    Or sleeping with them.

    Now….if they offered to buy me a new car?
    I wouldn’t say no.
    And I wouldn’t care if the world knew or not….


    discretion is the better part of valor.