if computers were dogs

if computers were dogs.png

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    Old “Linux is hard, odd and unsupported !111” propaganda is old.
    And the “Will obey all orders…” for Windows made me lol hard.

    tiki god

    I agree with you completely, the problem is : which version of linux? cause there’s at least 3 of them that I know of that would be good substitutions for windows/mac.

    My go-to flavor right now is ubuntu with cinnamon. shit’s deliciously easy to use, but still has the powerhouse behind the scenes.


    Zorin is as close to Windows as one can be. It even runs Windows applications “out of the box”, without any need for Wine tinkering.
    Or at least it was – I’ve used it some time ago.


    Fuckin’ “Reply” link…


    if computers were natedogs


    go back to facebook


    Hi natedog, nice to see one of the “Old Ones” again.