Destiny: Nolan North Vs. Peter Dinklage

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    tiki god

    Honestly, Dinkle bot was better.


    I agree, background on two versions please.

    tiki god

    So there’s this game, Destiny that completely fell the fuck apart about 6-8 months before it was released and they had to scramble to get it put back together. basically they threw out all the story work that had been done and re-positioned all the VO work to the new story that they came up with.

    Problem with that is that the story then made no fucking sense, all the VO seemed forced and out of place and they had some seriously amateur hour lines like “that wizard came from the Moon!”. Peter Dinklage was the voice of your AI companion, which people IRL refer to as Dinklebot. He did a great job, but ended up being the scapgoat for how crappy the game ended up being and Bungie brought in VO expert/veteren Nolan North to redo the lines EXACTLY as they were before, which is insane. It wasn’t Peter Dinklage that was the problem, it was the god damn lines that sucked.

    Honestly, if you’ve ever played a game with VO work in it, odds are very good that NN was in the game, he’s fucking everywhere, and for good reason too, he’s good. Very Good, but not even his sizable expertise could save the shitfest that is Destiny.


    Thank you oh wise god.

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