The Search for General Tso review

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This mouthwateringly entertaining documentary traces the surprising origins of the iconic Chinese-American dish, from Shanghai to Middle America and beyond.

Source : Amazon Video
Directed by: Ian Cheney

They very quickly get to the point, we know who General Tso is, we know how to properly spell his name, and we know where he’s from. The story behind the meal is so much more than just about food though, as they go through the last hundred years of the Chinese Immigrant’s experience in America. From Chop Suey to Cashew Chicken to the famously unchinese Chinese fortune cookies, they explore how the Chinese have become a part of Americana. Good enough of a movie that I was forced to order out for some Chinese food afterwards (though getting my standard bourbon chicken in lieu of anything mentioned in the movie.  This was a good documentary with some serious heart to it and pulled on some definitive heart strings in the third act when discussing the meal with a chef of import.

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