We Don’t Actually Want To Repeal The 2nd Amendment, Guys

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    The problem with this argument is the sheer number of activists and politicians who are, in fact, calling for a ban of private gun ownership and/or a severe limitation on the type of guns people can own. Nobody big, just nobodies like Michael Bloomberg (who felt entitled to offer his counsel to CO Gov. Hickenlooper on a poorly-thought-out magazine ban that led to the loss of hundreds of jobs here in CO, not that I’m bitter or anything).

    By-the-by, anyone know anyone looking to hire a fabricator in the north-eastern-slope Colorado area?


    There already something like 10,000 to 15,000 laws on the books dealing with guns. More gun laws only serve to restrict the rights of the people willing to follow those laws. Additionally, there are numerous examples of activists, politicians, columnists, etc. who do want to ban and/or confiscate guns. This is not an honest presentation of the issue.


    “Common sense gun reform” includes banning “Scawy assault weapons”


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