game of thrones girls

game of thrones girls.jpg

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    mmm, the 2nd and 3rd need switch spot. After Ramsay Bolton, I’m pretty sure she had been penetrated in multiple places. Margaery Tyrell in another hand really only been with Joffrey and Tommen. And neither of them has a dick larger than her clip.


    Yes, but in the books Sansa wasn’t given to Bolton’s bastard. Sansa is under house arrest by the Lanister’s until Lord Baelish facilitates her escape. From there on, she pretends to be his ‘natural daughter’ and they head up to the Vale. After Sansa escapes Kings Landing, the Lanister’s in cahoots with the Bolton’s, pass off one of Sansa handmaidens as her and marry her to the Bastard so they can put The North in the hands of the Bolton’s with out enticing the norther yokels to war.

    Why are you googling Joffrey and Tommen’s dicks?


    I actually never googled Joffrey or Tommen’s dicks. I googled Maegaery’s clit and picture of them compare side by side came out. lol.