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    [b]1.[/b] Not irony, American “proprietarism”, “copyright\ patent everything” attitude.
    [b]2.[/b] Since it was (made popular by) their movie, where’s the surprise ?


    Also, there’s this thing called a “3D printer” that can knock out as many masks as you want without having to to give Time Warner any money at all, which would technically be illegal, but that only makes having one of these masks just that much more cool, which would make the real Guy Fawkes shed a tear of Anarchaic joy as he gazes down at us from his “well-hung” style of Afterlife, especially in light of the fact that Time Warner is making money off of Fawkes’ unique likeness even though Fawkes himself never received not one red pence from Time Warner, meaning that Guy Fawkes was properly represented in that movie with Natalie Portman, who is one damned good looking lady, and even though she had a baby fairly recently she kept her body toned up, and she got to keep her baby boobies and they are some smoking hot bewbs, I gotta tell ya!

    Also, I’m drunk and high. Mostly.


    Fawkes was not any sort of anarchist or man of the people; he sought to murder members of Parliament and replace the Protestant King with a Catholic King. He really was not any sort of a hero; he just wanted violently overthrow a government he did not agree with basically the same government only run by people he agreed with .


    So… like the Tea Party, except with the balls to actually try it.

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