RIP Roddy P (again)

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Goddammit! I got so worked up about Meghan Trainor that my original They Live post got the iconic quote wrong!

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

I put “KISS ass” and forgot about the bubble. A Freudian slip? Who knows. An easy mistake to make when it’s late, you have a migraine creeping up on you, you’re upset by the premature demise of a wrestler in a cult movie and you’re enraged by the mindless witterings of a popstrel.

Please forgive me.

Btw, note the books on the stand – Edgar Cayce On ESP and Two Of A Kind: The Hillside Stranglers.


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    No need to apologize. Any change to the quote would be an improvement. It’s one of THE stupidest quotes of all time from ‘Merican film & deserves to be expunged from living history. You can take Bruce Willis & every “film” he ever appeared in as well.

    tiki god

    Tears of the Sun was pretty good too


    Thanks for that. I’ll check at least one of those out. Which one? Because he sucked sooo badly early on I wouldn’t have given him a look. It’s still a hokey quote.


    Start with Looper.
    It’s a pretty entertaining mind fuck/shoot-em-up flick.

    12 Monkeys is great too….but maybe a tad out there for mainstream cinema…it is Terry Gilliam after all.

    Sixth Sense is overrated though….in my humble opinion.
    It’s OK…but my wife was furious that I guessed the ending by the 3rd scene.
    It really wasn’t a twist.
    Wasn’t anyone paying attention…?

    And Ms. Shoes…
    I’m real sorry about getting you all worked up over Ms. Trainor….


    why dont you fuckers get a room.

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