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Eww! She’s 17!


And she’s not doing anything “sexy.” It’s just a girl in a swimsuit.


That’s my point. It’s either NSFW, in which eww she’s 17, or it’s SFW because it’s “not sexy.” Tiki is usually really careful about age, like with Chloe Moritz.

tiki god

you got a funny way of looking at sexiness. you think there’s a switch flipped on the day of their 18th birthday and suddenly they’re sexy and can be looked at?

I mean, sure that’s kinda what happened with miley, but no, that’s not how the real world works


It’s not my way of looking at sexiness, it’s the legal world’s. A switch being flipped is exactly what happens when a girl turns 18. Why do you think one of those Kardashians is going to rake in millions when she poses topless soon when she turns 18? Posting a pic of an underage girl, whether it’s in a swimsuit or a short skirt or whatever, for men to gawk at is creepy.