Republican Survivor

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    I feel certain that this picture will provoke a well reasoned, intellectually enlightened,spirited bout of genteel public debate.

    Hit it. Make the great orators of ancient Rome proud!


    shut the fuck up you liberal dipshit


    Just out of curiosity, why would you think I’m a liberal? Was it the part wserein I invoked independent thought vs Faux News vomiting of manufactured group-think rhetoric?


    Eh. Too many of them belong in multiple categories.

    Republicans need to unclench their assholes and get their heads back where they belong. If they really want to actually make a go at winning the Presidency. Talking about the Republican lead in the House as an indication of how “great” Republicans are doing? I have one word for that.


    I used to consider myself an independent voter. I can’t see myself voting for another Republican as long as I live without them having some major turnaround on multiple subjects. No, I’m not talking about abortion or gay marriage or guns, I’m talking about things like the war on ordinary workers and unions.


    There are a lot of assholes depicted there, but writing them all off is a bit of leftardic wishful thinking. Cruz and Walker nutjobs? Why? (Compare and contrast with democrat candidates)

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