I dont’ believe in global warming

I dont' believe in global warming.jpg

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    I don’t either…


    I do believe there is and always has been changes in Climate and I see little if any evidence of Man Made Causes.


    Yes, there have always been changes in climate. But none we have had such a dramatic part in influencing. Most climate stresses we have little to no influence on. Release of long sequestered carbon is is one we have a huge hand in. A decade long cold snap because of fluctuations in solar output…not much we can do about that. A near permanent increase (at least in terms of human society) of greenhouse gasses due to the release of long sequestered carbon….? Making a major change in atmospheric chemistry seen only before during major extinction events. That we can measures… Read more »


    So, if you can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. Got it.

    I’m from Australia. Have you ever seen it?


    I don’t have any kids so let your grandchildren drown I’m rolling coal.


    I always hear “climate deniers” say “follow the money”.

    So who thinks Al Gore’s millions are anything close to the billions Exxon spends on PR….?