Keyboardio Model 01 – Now on Kickstarter

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    I’ve had this keyboard for years:


    This looks like a refinement on the same idea.
    And split and ergo keyboards aren’t all that new.

    If you really want to make keyboarding easier….go Dvorak.
    QWERTY was actually designed to slow typists down….so the old keyboard hammers wouldn’t stick.
    There’s lots of software out there to customize your keys so in theory you could have any layout you want.

    The led key labels is great is the key shape.

    The problem with Kickstart is that I bet the Chinese have already pumped out a hundred different knockoffs by now.

    tiki god

    so this is different from my microsoft ergonomic keyboard….how?


    The palm rest isn’t ergonomic, so typing might be more fun, but you still get extensor tendon and carpel tunnel problems….